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Do you need help navigating the mineral rights, oil and gas royalty landscape? Let us ease the process for you!

Understanding the oil and gas industry can be an overwhelming experience. Typically, companies have huge law firms on retainer to negotiate contracts and keep up with laws and regulations. Many individuals, however, do not have the financial resources for these one-size-fits-all firms. Securing an oil and gas lawyer that focuses on your well-being with a customized strategy is the best option.

For the last 25 years, the Law Office of Seth K. Bell has served clients in San Antonio, TX, as an oil and gas litigation attorney. Attorney Bell has experience in other practice areas, including estate planning, probate, and real estate law.

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How Difficult Is It To Assess Your Mineral Rights In Texas?

Oil And Gas Lawyer San Antonio Texas

While it may be challenging to negotiate contract terms with oil and gas companies, it is not impossible with the right oil and gas transaction attorney. Keep in mind that individuals owning mineral rights benefit both the oil and gas companies and the community at large.

Without proper mineral, oil and gas contracts in place, the communities in which the oil and gas companies serve suffer. In negotiating these terms, ensuring the fair value of your vested interest is a top priority when you work with the Law Office of Seth K. Bell, based in San Antonio, TX.

Many individuals aren't aware that they own mineral rights even if they do not own the surface land. You can verify ownership through an evaluation of property deeds. A well-executed verification also includes reviewing historical conveyance records, which serve as a trail of the transfer and assignment of property. All of this takes dedicated time and effort, and the particulars of every client's case are different.

Located in San Antonio, TX, the second largest city in Texas after Houston, the Law Office of Seth K. Bell has experience serving a vast and diverse client base. Getting to the specifics of your case so we can best serve you will take patience, and we are ready to get started when you are.

How Do You Avoid The Mishandling Of Mineral Rights

One of the most important aspects of protecting your mineral rights is having the right oil and gas transaction attorney. With years of experience, Attorney Seth K. Bell has helped many clients throughout Texas in negotiations for better contract terms.

After ownership of mineral rights is established, it is up to that individual to decide what to do with them. It is always better to be safe than sorry. If you have mineral rights and reside in the San Antonio, TX, area, contact the Law Office of Seth K. Bell.

Often, mineral rights owners only become aware of these rights when someone looking to do business, typically an operator, reaches out to them. Oil and gas operators have done their due diligence in tracking down the correct owner of mineral rights, but that is their only advantage. With the right oil and gas development attorney, the mineral rights owner wields more power.

Contacting an oil and gas development attorney is an excellent place to start if you need clarification on whether you own mineral rights. Some people may want to sell their mineral rights straight away. In contrast, others may want to weigh the pros and cons of leasing options. Regardless of your choice, a certified oil and gas litigation lawyer will be your best resource.

Oil and gas litigation attorneys will be able to assist you with:

  • Educating individuals about their mineral rights options
  • Accurate valuation of your mineral rights
  • Negotiation contracts for selling and leasing mineral rights
  • Potential buyer assessment for mineral rights sellers
  • Ensuring the legality of all contract terms and conditions

Each individual's preferences and situations may differ. With the guidance of a qualified oil and gas litigation attorney, you will be better able to make the best decision.

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The Law Office Of Seth K. Bell: Mineral Rights Education For Our San Antonio, TX Clients

Oil And Gas Lawyer San Antonio Texas

You don't have to take the first offer! An involved and committed oil and gas transaction attorney can get you the favorable terms you want.

A clear understanding of the oil and gas industry sets you on the right path in negotiating fair and complete pricing for your mineral rights. An experienced oil and gas development lawyer is the best choice for making solid decisions that maximize your returns.

Don't settle for what the oil and gas companies try to tell you. Call our firm at (210) 988-9005 for a consultation and reclaim your power of choice!

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