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San Antonio’s Estate Planning, Probate & Real Estate Attorney

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Seth K. Bell is an established legal practitioner with over twenty seven years of experience representing clients throughout South and Central Texas. He is also a skilled, certified mediator and a licensed Texas real estate sales agent. Seth is an active member of the vibrant San Antonio community and takes an enthusiastic role in many vital service organizations and programs advocating for families in San Antonio, from local neighborhood associations to youth literacy initiatives.

The Law Office of Seth K. Bell is a seasoned firm that serves the San Antonio community faithfully representing clients across Texas in many areas of the law. As the firm’s principal, Seth K. Bell actively works to meet every client’s need concerning Estate Planning, Probate, Real Estate, Oil/Gas and other legal areas.

Types Of Cases We Handle

Whether you are looking for an estate planning and probate attorney in San Antonio, Texas, or a real estate attorney in San Antonio, Texas, or an attorney to handle your oil and gas transaction or other matter, the Law Office of Seth K. Bell is the firm for you. Seth K. Bell handles many areas of law including the following:

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An Estate Planning Attorney In San Antonio, Texas | Estate Planning & Probate

Estate Planning

Estate matters are critically important, sometimes emotional, and always necessary. Every person, regardless of age, health, or wealth needs to have a proper estate plan in place. If you die without a will, the laws of the State of Texas arbitrarily determine the disposition of your property. The people you value and treasure the most, your loved ones, will be appreciative that you have a proper estate plan in place that makes it easy on them during their time of grief.

No one knows how long they have to live. An illness, catastrophic injury, or unexpected death could occur tomorrow. Are you prepared?

Your estate plan includes the following:

  • A Will detailing your wishes with respect to your possessions that designates a person you trust to manage the probate process.
  • A Power of Attorney designating a person you trust to manage your finances when you are not able.
  • A Medical Power of Attorney designating a person you trust to manage your medical decision-making when you are not able.
  • A Medical Directive (sometimes referred to as a Living Will) detailing your wishes regarding end of life medical decisions.
  • A HIPAA authorization permitting your Medical Power of Attorney access to your medical records for proper decision-making.
  • A Children’s Medical Power of Attorney designating a person you trust to make medical decisions for your minor children if you are not able.

Assets such as bank accounts, life insurance proceeds, 401k accounts, and IRA accounts can also pass to your loved ones outside of your Will. Each of the financial institutions that hold or manage these accounts have a simple ‘payable on death’ form you can fill out that designates the person or persons you want to receive these funds upon your death. A ‘payable on death’ form takes just a few minutes to complete and will save significant time and expense after your death. To receive these funds after your death, all that is required of your loved ones is to present the financial institution with a certified copy of your death certificate as well as identification confirming they are the person or persons designated on your ‘payable on death’ form. As part of the estate planning process, the Law Office of Seth K. Bell can assist in working with your financial institutions, to carry out your wishes and to make sure these forms are in place.

Also, in consideration of your overall estate plan, the Law Office of Seth K. Bell highly recommends that you put a funeral and burial plan in place, one that is prepaid with the funeral home and cemetery of your choice. Without such a plan, these decisions are made immediately after your death when your loved ones are grieving the most. Eliminating these difficult decisions and their costs while simultaneously ensuring that your wishes are followed can provide immense comfort and relief to your loved ones and friends during their time of loss…Click here to read more about our Estate Planning Services.


The loss of a loved one is an emotional and overwhelming experience. Important decisions need to be made during this time even though you are grieving their loss. You can rely on the Law Office of Seth K. Bell to be your guide. The Law Office of Seth K. Bell will assist you in probating the Will of your loved one. When you work with us, the process will be much easier. It does not have to be expensive and can even be paid from the Estate.

Often a surviving spouse or child is named as the Executor in the Will and is tasked with probating the Will. The Texas probate process is one of Independent Administration with little court involvement. In almost all probate matters you are only required to appear in court one time to admit the Will to probate and be formally designated as the Estate’s Executor. The rest of the probate process consists of notifications to potential estate creditors and beneficiaries, and preparing an Estate inventory to file for approval by the court. The Estate assets will also be distributed in accordance with the Will. When you work with the Law Office of Seth K. Bell, we will simplify the entire probate process so it goes smoothly, allowing you to focus on being with your family…Click here to read more about our Probate Services.

A Trusted Real Estate Attorney in San Antonio, Texas

Real estate is often the largest asset owned by an individual, family, or entity. A real estate transaction has many participants, from buyers, sellers, real estate agents, inspectors, appraisers, contractors, attorneys, property managers, mortgage loan officers, and title/escrow officers. When you work with the Law Office of Seth K. Bell, we will be on your side throughout the entire process for every real estate transaction, protecting your best interests, and securing your future.

There are many facets to a real estate transaction, some of which are detailed below. Careful consideration should be taken during each step, from start to finish.

  • Negotiation of price and sales terms
  • Preparation of letters of intent and/or contracts for purchase and sale
  • Management of option fees, and escrow of earnest money
  • Management of feasibility and option periods
  • Management of property appraisal and inspection
  • Negotiation of repairs and price subsequent to appraisals, inspection and/or feasibility periods
  • Review of the title commitment and response to the title company’s requests for additional documents and other information requests
  • Review and/or preparation of financing documents, such as the promissory note and deed of trust
  • Review and confirm accuracy of the money trail detailed in the closing statement
  • Review and/or preparation of numerous closing documents, from disclosures to deeds

It should be noted that Seth K. Bell is also a Texas licensed real estate sales agent. Depending on the transaction, Seth K. Bell may be able to participate in the real estate commission from the sale of the property in lieu of charging legal fees for services…Click here to read more about our Real Estate Services.

Client Testimonials

A Respected Texas Oil And Gas Attorney

The Law Office of Seth K. Bell represents mineral interest owners throughout the State of Texas. Oil and gas issues are as sophisticated and complex as drilling the well itself. The Law Office of Seth K. Bell understands the nuts and bolts of oil and gas matters and has the experience to handle transactions of any size.

You may own mineral rights throughout the State of Texas even if you do not own the surface. Do not just accept the Oil, Gas, and Mineral Lease presented to you by the operator or their landman. The operator’s form lease is extremely favorable to them and can cost you substantially in the signing bonus and expenses against your royalty. The Law Office of Seth K. Bell will stand on your side to negotiate the most favorable lease terms possible on your Oil, Gas, and Mineral Lease.

The Law Office of Seth K. Bell can also review and confirm the accuracy of division orders, ratifications, and other documents received from the operator for mineral owners, royalty owners, overriding royalty interest owners, non-participating royalty interest owners, and working interest owners. The Law Office of Seth K. Bell also assists individuals and families with the transfer or assignment of mineral rights received by gift or inheritance.

Make sure the Law Office of Seth K. Bell is part of your team to maximize your mineral rights…Click here to read more about our Oil & Gas Royalties Services.

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